Monday 171030

Today is a girl mash-up WOD for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Wear pink and donate at!!!

I. General Warm-Up

CrossFit Warm-up:

2 rounds of:

1 Samson Stretch/ side w/ 15-20s hold


10 GHD/Abmat Sit-up

10 GHD Back Ext./Supermans

10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

10 Dips/Push-ups


II. Workout Of The Day

Barbells For Boobs WOD!!

*Go to Barbells for Boobs website and donate for breast cancer awareness and research.

With Partners-

Option 1:

Helen Meets Grace:

For Time:

3 rounds

400m Run (together)

21 KBS @70/53; 53/25; 35/26

12 C2B Pull-ups; Pull-ups; Ring Rows

10 Clean and Jerks @185/125; 135/95; 95/55

*run together, split reps up as you desire


Option 2:

Annie Meets Isabel


Double-Unders/Single-Unders (each)

GHDSU/Abmat Sit-ups

6 Snatches btw each round @155/105; 135/95; 95/55

*both partner DU/SU, split other reps up as you desire



Both of these workouts create a fatigued state both aerobically and muscularly (midline/shoulders) followed by challenging barbell movements. Competitive athletes movements are scaled up from traditional versions of these workouts, as the shared work will make this a more appropriate stimulus. Treat this like a hero workout, as it is to honor some of the bravest and strongest women in the world.


III. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

1) Couch stretch 3:00 each side