Ian Wittenber from Again Faster will be spending the weekend with us to shoot video, especially during Saturday morning, so we need max turnout of athletes and spectators. He will also be doing some interviews so some of you are going to hear from me. We have a ton of great success stories out of this gym and this is our chance to talk about them. There are many stories that I don’t know and wish I did so please email me if you feel yours is a story that ought to be told.

This is going to be  a great weekend, so come be part of it in whatever way you can!!

Some of you are avoiding this wod because :

1. You don’t think you are very good at the snatch

2. You don’t think you can do the weight

3. You are afraid you are going to wind up on videotape.

This gym is at its very best when you do what you have always done: Just show up and give it your  best. And this weekend we especially need as many participants as possible. We are going to help you at every step like we always do, but step 1 is showing up!


  1. Jan Mathew says:

    21 it is! Thanks much, Darrin . . . and thanks to all of our coaches and everyone who made this morning possible. I’m so proud to be part of CFE.

  2. Mary McGlade says:

    Thanks!, I will submit my score as only 30.
    Jim/Ken be sure to note scaled on my tally sheet then, otherwise you will think and expect 62. I do not believe it was identified.

  3. dbuttz says:

    @Jan Mathew
    If you are 55+…your weights should have been 35# the first round, and 55# the second round…your score should be 51. If you are less than 55 years old, then your score would just be 21.

  4. Jan Mathew says:

    @Darrin/coaches — If I did my first 30 reps at 35#, and then 21 reps at
    #55, would I still have a score of 21? Or would it be invalid, since I didn’t start with the RX weight?

  5. dbuttz says:

    @Mary McGlade
    Submit your score as 30….which is the # of Rx reps you completed.

  6. Mary McGlade says:

    If we scaled the workout, 30 @45#; 30 @ 55# + 2 reps, do we still submit total reps 62? Because it thinks my weight was 45#; 75#, 100#!!

  7. Matt says:

    Now that was awesome, watching & cheering for all the athletes today was a great experience. Very well done CFE!

  8. DMayberry says:

    I will be honest I was actually not going to do this WOD, then decided might as well! I am not very good with the Snatch and the 75# will be killer for me, if I at least get a few during that set I will be happy! I figure I can only do what I can do! Good luck tomorrow to everyone doing the WOD, you will all do great!

  9. Raeanne says:

    i’m IN like FLYNN. lol. i’m a complete noob, and i am REALLY looking forward to watching all those athletes who are going to show their mad skills. :)

  10. Cole says:

    If you can do at least one rep of the minimum weight safely, you should start RX. We will not allow you to take unlimited attempts at weights exceeding your capability, just for the sake of fighting it out or to put on a good show. If you are nervous, talk to one of the coaches and we will check you out before and during the WOD. We all have a lot to learn with this movement and this is a great environment to do that.

  11. Matthew T. says:

    I’m with John O. I have no idea when it comes to this lift, but I’m going to give it my best. I’m going to watch all of the videos and get there early on Saturday morning to practice a little bit (if I can) and just go for it. Hey, it’s not like I’m in the top 10 in the world. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  12. John O says:

    Jeff, I’m going to do my 30 75# snatches and work the rest of the minutes in trying to get one of the 135. I practiced this morning, and already know what I can do and what I need to do. The reason I’m doing this is so I can keep doing the competitions, because the way I understand the rules is if you can’t complete a WOD at RX then you are eliminated. I’m probably incorrect on that, but….

  13. LukeF says:

    @jeffm your call, but I say go for it.

    Also, in addition to the Mobility WOD video, more good strategy / form advice from Outlaw CrossFit (fair warning, a bit of “salty” language in the video):

  14. Nick W says:

    Is it ok if my wife and daughter come tomorrow to watch?

    I don’t know about anybody else but I already have butterflies. I hope I’m able to fall asleep tonight.

  15. jeffm says:

    Yeah, what Ken said. its more fun with more people.

    Question though: Is it better to do this scaled or to do it at RX and score 30 (MAAAAYYYBE 31) and have a score (a tiny one) to report to the games site? 30 75# snatches is only 40 percent of a Randy…

  16. LukeF says:

    Reposting MattK’s Friday post here so more people see it before Saturday. Solid info:

    FYI to anyone doing the games WOD: watch the Mobility WOD post for the Games WOD 12.2. Lots of tips to protect your shoulders, back, and hips. This WOD will be brutal, even if scaled, if your form sucks. His key is efficient movement, which could/should equate to more reps and less wear/tear. Good luck everyone.

    Here is the link:

  17. John O says:


  18. John O says:

    Is there a wod tomorrow?

  19. Alicia says:

    This is awesome for our box! I’m pretty upset I have to miss it due to work … Boo!!

  20. Raeanne says:


  21. John Ridley says:

    Unreal, Again Faster offers some excellent CF gear. Should be a lot of fun.