Monday 171030

Today is a girl mash-up WOD for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Wear pink and donate at fundraise.barbellsforboobs.org!!! I. General Warm-Up CrossFit Warm-up: 2 rounds of: 1 Samson Stretch/ side w/ 15-20s hold 10 PVC OHS 10 GHD/Abma

Friday 171027

I. General Warm-Up 3 RNFT 10 Empty Front Squats 10 Empty Push Press 10 Hollow/Arch Kip Swings   II. Transition and Build Up Set up stations and perform a few small sets of the movements to warm up.   III. Workout

Thursday 171026

I. General Warm-Up 3 RNFT 2x20ft Heel Walks/Toe Walks 10 Muscle Snatch (empty) 10 Alt Cossack Squats w/ empty bar on back   II. Transition and Build Up Review snatch technique and run through the Burgener Warm Up with an emp

Wednesday 171025

I. General Warm-Up 2 RNFT: 10x Crossbody banded pull/side + :20s hold 5 Bird-dogs/Bear-dogs/side 8 Captain Morgans/side 10 Wtd Kang Squats (empty bar)   II. Transition and Build Up Build to deadlift weight. Set-up station

Tuesday 171023

I. General Warm-up 2 RNFT: 4 Wide split Inchworms 10 Glute bridges Ankle rotations: rolls, front back, side-side, calf raise Shoulder rotations: High-5’s, rolls, circles, nerve floss *freestyle rotations, get joints ready to go

Monday 171023

I. General Warm-Up/Skill 3 RNFT: 15yd. Walking Lunge 15yd. Broad Jump :30s Plank 1 Wall Walk II. Transition and Build Up Build Power Clean/Lunge/S2OH to working weight Workout Of The Day Rx: 9 minute AMRAP 8 Lateral Burpees Over Bar 7

Friday 171020

General Warm-Up 2 RNFT: 8 Empty bar Thrusters 8 KBS 1-5 Pull-ups/Muscle-ups   II. Workout Of The Day With a Partner: For Time: 5 Muscle-ups (ring or bar) (15 Dips); (25 Push-ups)   10 Thrusters (135/85); (95

Thursday 171019

I. General Warm-Up 10 minutes cycling though: 8 Unilateral split squats/leg (DB held overhead on side with leg back) 8 Inverted rows 4 Windmills/side (DB held OH) 8 Cal Row 4 Down-dog to Up-dog stretches, alternating   II. Wo

Wednesday 171018

I. General Warm-Up 2 RNFT: 10 Strict Press (empty) 10 Figure-4 Lunge w/ Horizontal Rotation :20-:30s Lat stretch on rack/side   II. Skill Work 10:00 clock work on OHS from the rack 4-6 sets of 3-5 reps at moderate loads  

Tuesday 171017

I. General Warm-Up 2 RNFT: 6 Kang Squats 6 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations/side 6 Quadruped Birddogs/side 6 V-ups   II. Workout Of The Day Rx 4 RFT: 15 Toe-to-Bar 15 Wallball Shot (20/14) 30 DU’s   Scale 1

Monday 171016

I. General Warm-Up 3 RNFT: 10 Scap Depressions 10 Scap Push-ups 2 Perfect Stretch/side Then… 3 RNFT: 5 Squat Clean and Jerks (gradually add weight each round) 2-6 Pull-ups/C2B Pull-ups/Muscle-ups   II. Workout Of

Friday 171013

I. General Warm-Up 1 Rounds NFT Run 200m 10 Ring Rows 10 Push Ups 10 Air Squats   II. Workout Of The Day With a Partner: 30 Deadlifts (275/185) Run 400m 30 KBS  (2/1.5) Run 400m 30 Overhead Squats (115/75)

Thursday 171012

I. General Warm-Up 3 rounds 10 scap push ups 10 scap depressions   II. Skill Work Handstand and Manna Progressions We’re going to spend 10:00 practicing handstand holds with all athletes. Help athletes determine what level the

Wednesday 171011

I. General Warm-Up 2 RNFT: 5 Kang Squats 10 Squatting Thoracic Rotations 10 Side-leg swings/side 10 Alternating shouder high-5’s/side II. Skill Work Cluster Technique then... 3 Rounds w/ empty bar for quality 3 Squat Cleans 3 Front S

Tuesday 171010

I. Warm-up 3 RNFT: 5 SL Deadlift/Leg w/ empty bar 10 Captain Morgan's/side 4 Slow deadbugs (all-4's) :20s DU or SU then... in 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps build to Deadlift working weight   II. Workout of the Day Lurong WO

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