Ian Wittenber from Again Faster will be spending the weekend with us to shoot video, especially during Saturday morning, so we need max turnout of athletes and spectators. He will also be doing some interviews so some of you are going to hear from me. We have a ton of great success stories out of this gym and this is our chance to talk about them. There are many stories that I don't know and wish I did so please email me if you feel yours is a story that ought to be told. This is going to be  a great weekend, so come be part of it in whatever way you can!! Some of you are avoiding this wod because : 1. You don't think you are very good at the snatch 2. You don't think you can do the weight 3. You are afraid you are going to wind up on videotape. This gym is at its very best when you do what you have always done: Just show up and give it your  best. And this weekend we especially need as many participants as possible. We are going to help you at every step like we always do, but step 1 is showing up! KS